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Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

After you and your partner have been keeping your big surprise a secret for so long, one of the most exciting things to look forward to is telling your friends and family the news of your pregnancy!

Once you've told your friends and family first (no one close to you wants to find out via Facebook!) you may be thinking about doing a public announcement on social media. Waiting until you are 20 weeks, or even 4-5 months, is a popular choice for timing your pregnancy announcement as this gives you chance to confirm the ultrasound is all okay and maybe even find out the sex of your baby (if you want to know). Remember, there's also no obligation for you to make a big announcement if you're wanting to keep this private.

This is the time we can really get creative! Below I've made a list of 10 cute, fun, and interesting pregnancy announcements you can use if and when you're ready:

1. A simple DIY flat lay

Probably one of the most classic announcement ideas, and all you need is you scan picture, a letterboard, and maybe some items for the baby like booties or a personalised babygrow. These flatlays can be made however you like, telling as much or as little information about your future bundle of joy as you like. Do you want to include the baby's sex? Or maybe their due date? Or maybe even the fact that they are a rainbow baby? The choice is yours!

You can also order editable pregnancy flatlays from Etsy

2. A seasonally-themed announcement

For spring; think egg props, baby lambs, "blooming" puns. For summer; maybe beach-themed or travel-themed. For autumn; pumpkin props would be the obvious choice here! Or if you really love Halloween like me, you could even create a spooky announcement. For Winter; there are tons of Christmas-themed announcements such as present puns and personalised baubles. There ares some great ones can be found on Getting Personal and Etsy.

3. A sibling announcement

The phrase: "I'm being promoted to big sister/big brother" written onto a t-shirt or a sign is always a great (and easy) way of getting your other children involved in your announcement. Funny ones I've seen include "eviction" notices for your youngest's cot or "only child expiring" notices too.

4. A lockdown-related announcement

I think we've all seen so many hilarious lockdown-related pregnancy announcements over the last 12 months. Some of my favourites include: "We didn't practice social distancing", "We tested positive, but not for Covid", and "We stocked up on the wrong protection". Various funny quarantine phrases can be put onto babygrows, or even just written onto letter boards!

5. A funny announcement

One of the most well-known ones we all know comes from the phrase "bun in the oven", where you might post pictures of you baking, a picture of your scan "baking" in the oven, or even the announcement written in flour surrounded by ingredients. Other ideas include: posting a photo of your weird and wonderful cravings with the caption "eating for two" (or three!), or my personal favourite; a self portrait of you and your partner surrounded by a chaotic arrangement of baby items and a countdown until the baby is to arrive. This one is particularly good for first-time parents but if it's not your first time you can always throw your other children into the picture too!

6. A fur-sibling announcement

Similar to using siblings, using your furbaby is not only a creative way of announcing your pregnancy, but is also a great way to include your beloved animals in this next stage of your life - especially if it was these furbabies who taught you how to be parents first.

7. Personalised merch

I've touched on this above, but there is so many items you can have personalised these days for a really unique announcement. Aside from the obvious: babygrows, tshirts, and cuddly toys, there are also plenty of unorthodox items you can personalise such as books, or even beer bottles.

8. An announcement portrait session

This is definitely the most timeless idea for your pregnancy announcement, rather than a funny or cute post you might like to opt for a more classic and romantic approach. Paige Edge Photography offers outdoor couples portrait sessions all year round which allow you both to get lost in your romantic bubble and allows me to snap away as you interact naturally with each other. Simple things like lightly touching mama-to-be's tummy or even both of you holding a letter board with your announcement written may be a perfect addition to your session.

9. Without saying it at all

There are so many ideas you can do to announce your pregnancy, without even saying a word. One idea is to place personal items from you and your partner, like your shoes, next to a tiny pair of booties. Similarly you could post a picture of your's and you partner's baby pictures and birth years, next to a picture of your scan and the year your little one is due. Or maybe a picture of a beer (for your partner), a mug of tea (for mum-to-be), and a bottle of milk (for baby).

10. A hobby/interests-related announcement

If you're movie buffs, maybe creating your own movie poster announcement would be your thing? Editable templates can be found on Etsy. If one or both of your are into gaming, a babygrow or letterboard with the words "Player 3 has entered the game" would be perfect and personal for your big announcement.

If you can think of any more, let me know in the comments below!

Paige x

Paige Edge Photography


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