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How to Prepare for Your Maternity Session

It's finally here: the week of reopening! Hopefully there will be no more lockdowns on the horizon, places will start to open (yay for my nails and hair!) and businesses will slowly but surely start to recover.

I'm very grateful to the fact that I have lots and lots of lovely families booked in over the next six months so I can hit the ground running as the studio doors reopen.

Looking at my studio diary I noticed that I have so many maternity sessions booked in and I'm living for that. Mamas, you deserve to look and feel amazing while your body is doing a wonderful thing and growing a little human! I'm so happy to see all of these mums-to-be taking time to spoil themselves and document this special time. My maternity sessions are all about you, gals. There's nothing I love more than making you look like the absolute goddesses you are!

So I thought it was about time to do a little write up about how you can prepare for your maternity session with me and what to expect during our time together...

  • Try to book your session as early as you can (I take bookings anywhere between your 12- & 20-week scans). Unfortunately, I only have a certain number of session spaces per month, and these tend to get booked up so I always want to make sure I have space available for you. I love photographing maternity sessions so it kills me to have to turn people away! We will aim to have your session when you are between 32-34 weeks pregnant, however, sessions can be taken outside of this time frame if need be.

  • Eventually I hope to offer hair and make up services for my mamas-to-be as part of a package add-on. However, to keep things covid-safe for the time being, I currently don't offer this service. If you did want to have your hair and make up done - feel free to arrange to have this done before your session. Although, hair and make up isn't necessary if that's not your thing as I'll always make you look like a goddess in post-processing anyway!

  • Make sure you clothing isn't too tight on the morning of your session as the tight elastic on hair ties, socks, underwear and bras etc will leave marks on your skin which are difficult to fully edit out in post-processing. Even if you're not planning on having much skin on show, many of my gowns still allow for arms/legs/tummy which are the areas that usually have the elastic marks.

  • I have tons of gorgeous gowns and bodysuits to choose from in the studio but if you've mentioned that you may want to bring something of your own to wear I suggest only bringing clothes which make you feel fantastic as your confidence will shine through in your images. Also, matching neutral colours always work best for you, your partner, and other children. Other outfits that look amazing are traditional/cultural clothes, oversized shirts, and matching underwear sets.

  • Feel free to bring any personal items you want to include in your session, such as baby booties, your ultrasound, a toy, etc. Please try to mention beforehand if you're bringing anything or as you arrive at the studio, and I will make sure to plan the session images with that in mind and include your item(s) in a few of your images.

  • Don't hesitate to include your partner, other children or even family pets in the session. Adding other people in a few of your pictures will add a nice variety to your gallery, but it will also document this special time between the two of you, or between you and your older children before baby arrives and makes your family just that bit bigger and noisier! Just let me know beforehand who else will be photographed so I can plan the session accordingly.

  • Never feel pressured in thinking you need to include tasteful or implied nudes in your session if you think that isn't your thing. I only ever want to pose you in a way you feel comfortable and empowered, and if you feel self-conscious or uncomfortable it will show in your images. More importantly, your session won't feel like the relaxing and exciting time I hope it will be! More examples of these type of images can be found on my Instagram page.

  • The sessions usually last around 1.5 hours, but don't worry - we can take as many breaks and rests as you like during the session. There's teas, coffees, waters, and snacks in abundance so we can always have a sit down and a chat for a little while! I usually schedule a whole morning/afternoon or sometimes even a whole day for my sessions to accommodate safe cleaning and sanitising of props and surfaces - so never feel rushed when you're with me!

  • Finally: don't forget to have fun! I'm fully trained in using light, posing and outfits to create the most flattering and amazing images for you to cherish and your family to look back on for years to come, so don't worry about how you look - just relax, dance to the 90s RnB I'll likely have playing (😂), and act like you're on the cover of Vogue, darrrling! 💅

I can't wait to see you all soon!

Paige x

Paige Edge Photography

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