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One aspect I love about using a location as the subject of my portraiture is the way the location is already formed, it's already present and has been present long before I ever picked up my first camera. As an outsider looking in, I am able to capture the essence and feel of a street or field or skyline, without any direction or instruction by me; I teeter the line between a tiny pair of eyes observing the scene and the author of the scene's story I then present afterwards.

Especially in my home city of Liverpool, I feel as though there is a large history of the place which I am responsible for documenting even if I realise I am never going to capture it's full soul on a flat image (but I will certainly do my best).

These location shoots allow me to grow and progress as a portrait photographer because I strive to find the humanity in a place, using it's personality to tell it's story; a ethos a bring to all aspects of my company.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than going for a long walk around the city, whatever the weather, no matter the time of day. I love portrait photography because portraiture is so much more than simply taking a photo. Portraiture, for me, is a way of using the art of photography to tell a story. It would be very easy to assume I'm referring to the portrait of a person, yet I believe this can be extended - portraiture can also be used to tell the story of a place.

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