Logan and Marcella - Winter Portraits

Logan and Marcella were absolute angels during their photo shoot. Considering the weather was clear and the sun was shining, there was still a deceitful chill in the air as we were sharply reminded that it was, in fact, still very much a brisk February in England.

Knowing that I had to make the shoot relatively quick to avoid tears and shivers, we explored the gorgeous greenery and wooded area surrounding their nannies beautiful cottage in Cheshire.

Logan particularly took to the camera and was partake in any action or direction I threw at him. What I think is great about his portrait shots is the way they really show his fun and silly persona, and his poses had us all in stitches!

We will no doubt arrange another shoot when the weather becomes a bit warmer and Marcella has started to walk -- I'm sure she can't wait to properly join in all the fun!

Paige x

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