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Valentine's Night In

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

So Valentine's Day is set to be a much different affair this year (cheers, Covid!) which means we find ourselves wanting to get more creative with our plans. Although, hope is not gone! As anyone who has lost a birthday/anniversary/graduation/baby shower etc in the last 12 months to covid restrictions (which, let's face it, is most of us) can tell you; a lockdown celebration is not quite as bad as it sounds. Undoubtedly, one thing we all had to do this past year is adapt (here's looking at you, homeschooling parents)...

As a matter of fact, this past year has reminded us all what is most important: spending quality time with the ones you love. So I've rounded-up a few ideas to make your Valentine's night in extra special (with or without a baby in tow!)...

Romantic Dinner for Two (or more)

Let's get cooking!

Cook each other your favourite dish, or take turns cooking a starter, main or dessert for your classy Valentine's meal. Feel free to get the kids involved making the dishes too, they'll love being kept busy and feel great knowing they've helped cook the meal you are all eating.

If you're not feeling up to making a meal from scratch, why not order a gourmet meal delivery right to your door? Lots of online delivery services and local restaurants create recipe boxes with all the meals pretty much ready to cook - perfect if you want that michelin-star restaurant experience without the hassle! Although, be aware that these delivery services can sell out fast and may only deliver on certain days, so order early to avoid disappointment.

Remember to check to see if some of your local restaurants are offering these gourmet deliveries. If not, some great online ones who deliver nationally are:

Home-X from Six by Nico, UK-wide delivery, £60.

Green Haus, fully vegan 8-course meal with wine, UK-wide delivery, £55.

Rick Stein At Home, UK-wide delivery every Friday, from £45.

Cote at Home by Cote Brasserie, UK-wide delivery, from £40.

Elite at Home by Elite Bistros, UK-wide delivery, from £12.95.

Rudy's at Home by Rudy's Pizza, UK-wide delivery, from £6.90.

And if that even seems like too much, what can beat a good ol' takeaway from your favourite place? No plates, pans, or washing up required!

Graze box warrington
Graze Cheshire

Homemade Snacks

Maybe making your own Instagram-worthy graze board? The best part is they can be made from bits you already have in - like cheese, meats, olives and bread. If you fancy ordering a graze box in, some fab local (North West) ones I've seen include: The Eden Deli, Graze Cheshire, Slow Graze, Oh My Graze, Graziness, and Graze Perfect.

If you're planning on watching a film, making things like nachos, popcorn and cookies are perfect to snack while watching! Or maybe cocktails would be more your thing? Check out these home cocktail kits from My Cocktail Club and DIY Cocktail Kits.

Games Night

When was the last night you had a family game night? A great excuse to get around the table, get the cocktails (or mocktails) flowing, and get involved in some healthy competition. Although, you might want to leave the argument-starters like Monopoly and Frustration away this time...

Card Crafting

In the spirit of keeping this celebration within your home this year, why not made your own Valentine's Day cards too? This is also a really fun activity to do with the kids or your little baby. Non-toxic paints can be used for baby's footprints or handprints for a personalised card, which will be a card you cherish much more than a shop-bought one! Check out this hand and foot printing ink kit from ForeverFunTimes on Etsy, and these beautiful life casts and jewellery from KK Life Casting Wirral.

If it's just the two of you, why not get crafty and make a scrapbook of all of your memories together? I know I'm forever keeping tickets and mementos from the places me and my partner visit, so it would be amazing to get everything safe in a book!

Home Spa

Candles, relaxing music, massage oil, facemasks - whatever helps you and your family relax after a hard day. An added bonus if you can get your kids or partner can give you a foot rub too.

Take a look at some of these local, all-natural spa items I've found:

Lunar Lights - handmade, vegan-friendly, soy candles, from £12.

Smelly Kelly's Bathbombs - insured, vegan, cruelty-free bathbombs, from £3.

Saraswati Holistic Therapies - facials, crystals, meditation, incense.

Escential Melts - handmade, plastic-free wax melts, from £2.25.

I hope you enjoy your night in!

Paige x

Paige Edge Photography

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