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Update Your Home This Spring: Easy Decor Hacks

March is finally here and it has brought warmer, sunnier weather with it! As I went for a long, nature walk last weekend, I was greeted by clusters of beautiful newly-forming flora everywhere I looked. The clear skies have helped us remember that colourful spring flowers and baby lambs are on their way - and honestly, I think for a lot of us it feels long overdue!

And, as I watched swans meticulously constructing nests for their imminent arrivals, it got me thinking of the ways we might spruce up our own nests. Many of us have, afterall, been staring at the same four walls for the past 12 months, so why not spring clean with a twist this year?

No doubt most people have already had the itch to spruce up their home or redecorate, so instead of simply cleaning and tidying this year, why don't we use this time to make some easy changes to our homes? It will keep you and your family busy until everything can open back up again and will make your surroundings that little bit more interesting for the remaining time stuck inside.

Here's 10 little things you can do this spruce up your spring clean:

1. Rearrange a room

As we are all spending a lot more time in our living rooms for Netflix binges, games' nights and zoom quizzes, it would be understandable to want to liven up the place. Why not rearrange parts of the living room depending on what vibe you want to achieve? If you want your family to stop watching as much TV, try to angle the chairs away slightly from the screen so your immediate thought isn't to turn it on as you sit down. Angling the chairs towards each other or maybe towards a coffee table will allow for a greater time spent connecting with each other (or for board games!).

2. Upcycle old furniture

Timeless Collectables

Upcycling old, wooden movables is always a sure-fire way of feeling like you've taken part in 60-Minute Makeover. You could sand down and repaint old furniture, spray paint photo frames (with colours or metallics depending on the look you want to achieve) or, if you don't want to make such a drastic change to your current furniture just yet; have a look for old, reclaimed and vintage pieces on places like Facebook Marketplace, Ebay, and local vintage shops like my favourite Timeless Collectables.

3. Go green

It goes without saying that plant-buying has been huge this past year, and for good reason - if you cannot go out, you'll just have to bring the outdoors in! Personally, I know I'm not able to even survive a trip to Aldi without adopting some sort of green, potted pet and while I might have gone a bit overboard (they're covering every known surface in my house), a few plants and flowers here and there can do wonders for you decor - and mood! Foliage has long been known to increase oxygen levels and clean the toxins from your indoors, but they can also boost your mood, productivity, concentration and creativity, while reducing stress and common colds. So, what are you waiting for? Transform your living space into an indoor greenhouse!

Farrow Furnishing

4. Cushions and throws

One of the easiest ways to add a bit of something to your living room or bedroom is by adding a new throw or cushion covers. If your home is decorated quite neutral, why not add some colour or patterns to your space? If your room is a certain colour, try adding cushions and throws in an opposing colour for an interesting contrast? A couple of local furnishing companies I love is Farrow Furnishing and Sew In Love!

5. Rethink your shelves

Having a little clear out of your shelves and bookcases can definitely create an illusion of more space. Scandi Minimalism (think carefully placed objects in Ikea showrooms) is all about combining simplicity, comfort, and practicality. Just think of the old saying "tidy home, tidy mind" and apply it to your shelf and bookcase displays. Instead of filling all of the surfaces up, just present a few items or things which mean something to you, or which say something about you and your family. Embrace the negative space on the shelves and put the other items into storage (or even better - sell them online). You can even add a trailing plant or two for that boho feel!

6. Kitchen storage solutions

Shop for some new and interesting accessories to improve your kitchen's (or any other room's) storage, including mason jars, canisters, wire baskets and more! Lots of innovative ideas can be found on Pinterest, and will not only save space in your cupboards but will also look more aesthetically pleasing with the absence of plastic and bright cardboard packaging.

Paige Edge Photography

7. New artwork for your walls

Obviously, what artwork could be more deserving of a place on your walls than pictures of your beautiful family? My studio offers a range of wall art in different colours, shapes and materials, so there will be something to suit every room - from hand-painted shabby chic distressed wood frames in an assortment of colours, to hand-sanded birch plywood photo circles and blocks. Get in touch if you'd like some of your old session images made into beautiful wall art - or even better, book in for a new session to update your family portraits displayed on your walls!

8. A fresh lick of paint

It goes without saying, a fresh paint job or a new colour on the walls of your home will most definitely change the feel of the room, but who has the time (or the patience) to repaint the whole house? Instead, maybe just paint specific areas which you come into contact with and you know will make a difference to the look of your home? This might be a brightly-coloured feature wall somewhere, the kitchen cupboards, or maybe even your front door!

Beautiful Front Doors

For door inspo, check out BeautifulFrontDoors on Instagram (or UniqueDoorsOfLiverpool if you want to stay local) and prepare to feel jealous!

9. Wall stencils

Similar to adding a fresh lick of paint, but much less work! Beautiful wall stencils can be bought online from places like Etsy and can transform walls your walls instantly, changing the feel or theme of your room. Stencil designs are also a great idea to make kids' bedrooms more fun and unique.

10. A chalk wall

Finally (and this may be more fun for the kids), why not make a chalk wall? Blackboard paint can be bought from The Range, Wilko, B&Q, or Amazon and will provide a place for your family to display their creativity if painted somewhere in the kids' rooms. The chalk wall even has practical uses if painted somewhere like the kitchen, which can then be used as a place to write the week's family menu, or a shopping list you can add to as you go along! If painting a wall is too much of a commitment, you can simply paint an offcut of wood and use it as a moveable blackboard.

If you have any more ideas for changing up your living space this spring, drop them in the comments below!

Paige x

Paige Edge Photography

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