Behind the Lens.

​Hi everyone!


As you can guess, my name is Paige and I'm a portrait photographer with a studio in Liverpool UK.


A few things you don't know, however:

  • When I was a little girl my wonderful Grandma was (and still is) obsessed with taking photographs. A lot of the time no one even noticed but now looking back over her hoards of old photographs from over the years you can see how much she loved to document life. We would often set up photoshoots where I would be the sassiest model you ever did see, and some of my fondest memories were developing film in my Grandma's printing shop, playing with her Polaroid camera, and making collages of all of our family. That is where I found my love for photography, becoming completely taken with the photography process and compelled to capture thought-provoking images.

  • I have a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature with Journalism, and a Master of Arts in English Literature. I love storytelling and being able to tell a story through photographs.

  • I LOVE to travel; mostly city breaks as my poor pale skin cannot withstand beach holidays for long (although I am an avid lover of beach sunsets).

  • I have an adorable little cat who, I'm sure, is convinced she is a human baby. She acts as my model most days and her beautiful big green eyes can be found all over my personal social media (and most of my phone camera reel).

  • If I'm not in the studio taking photos of precious little newborns I can usually be found hard at work editing on Photoshop, or sat watching a period drama on the couch with a pot of Nutella and a spoon. There's no in between.

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