Maternity Portraits

Pregnancy is a such a magical time in a woman’s life. A time to celebrate a new life to love and the beginning of a beautiful new life together.

I love documenting the journey into motherhood and all of the beauty that comes with it! Your body is doing something absolutely amazing, so why not create images you can treasure forever as you watch your little one grow?

I am fully insured, DBS approved, and always strive to compose beautiful, interesting and flattering poses to accentuate your new bump. I want to show the strength and beauty within you at this magical time: you are a goddess - show it off!

You can include your partner or other children for no extra cost. The studio has a choice of gowns, or feel free to bring your own. Some choose to have nude or underwear photos, I will always give you privacy, respect and discretion - so feel confident that you’re in good hands!

Maternity sessions are best taken when you are around 32-34 weeks.

£50 Session fee is not included in the package prices. This fee covers studio session time with an experienced photographer and personalised set-up. This is to be paid upon booking.

Image packages start from £149.


Print Collections


  • In-Person viewing following your session

  • 5 High resolution, fully hand-edited images via digital download, with black & white digital copies

  • 5 Mounted 7" x 5" high quality finish lustre prints

  • Full use of all props, outfits, and backdrops



  • In-Person viewing following your session

  • 10 High resolution, fully hand-edited photos via digital download, with black & white digital copies

  • 10 Mounted 7" x 5" high quality finish lustre prints

  • Extra £50 Wall art credit

  • Full use of all props, outfits, and backdrops



  • In-Person viewing following your session

  • Full gallery of 15 high resolution, fully hand-edited photos via digital download, with black & white digital copies

  • 10 Mounted 7" x 5" high quality finish lustre prints

  • 12" x 16" High quality giclée canvas print

  • Extra £75 Wall art credit

  • Full use of all props, outfits, and backdrops


Digital Collection

  • Full gallery of high resolution, fully hand-edited photos on a USB

  • Saving of nearly £10 per image



Frequently Asked Questions



When should I book my session?

Maternity sessions are best taken when you are around 32-34 weeks pregnant. This way you will have a nice, round belly but will still be able to move and pose without feeling uncomfortable. If you need your session to take place outside of this suggested time frame, let me know and we can sort out a session date which would be best for you.

What can I expect from my session?

This 1-1.5 hour session is taken in a comfortable, private, and warm environment. It is a chance to create strong and beautiful images of the strong and beautiful woman you are! I have trained in the art of lighting and posing pregnant women, so you can be confident I will only ever pose you in glamourous positions and angles. I have tea, coffee, and snacks to help entertain your family while we're creating gorgeous photos of you, and I have plenty of maternity gowns to choose from so you can feel your glamorous best!

How do I prepare for my session?

On the day of your session please refrain from wearing any tight underwear as this will leave marks on your skin for your photos. Some mamas choose to have their hair and make up done before their shoot, although this is entirely up to you as I can enhance your natural features in post-processing too.

What do I need to bring?

If you'd like to include any personal items, feel free to bring those along! In the past parents-to-be have brought booties, scan pictures, and cuddly toys to include in their images.

Can I take photos?

Your partner is more than welcome to take a few behind the scenes shots (as I love to see and post those on my social media too!), but make sure they're taken at a time when your privacy isn't compromised, or that taking those BTS photos do not impede on the shots I am being paid to take of you.

Can my partner/children/pets be included in the photos?

Yes absolutely! I love to include partners and siblings in my sessions, as they can provide a great variety of images for your final gallery.

Do I have to do nude photos?

No, not at all. However, I have had training in lighting and posing naked bodies during maternity sessions so will only photograph you at the most flattering angle for you and your bump. All of my nude poses are very tasteful (examples of which can be found on my Instagram page), but you're under no obligation to get fully undressed: we can always see how you feel on the day of your session!

What should we wear for our photos?

For other children and partners it is always best to stick to neutral colours without any big patterns, prints or logos. When we are discussing your session I can point you in the direction of my Pinterest which has plenty of inspiration for your family outfits. For your outfit(s), I have plenty of gowns in the studio to choose from, which can be colour changed in post-processing if you require a slightly different colour for your session. I suggest you bring bra with matching underwear in either black or white, and other clothing items like an oversized shirt looks great on images too.

How long does it take for my photos to be ready?

Once you have returned to the studio to choose your favourite images, your final edits should take around 1-2 weeks. During this time I will be retouching your hair, skin and gowns by hand myself to make sure everything is perfect for your final images. I will also order your prints, which take up to 2 working days, and your wall art which takes up to 10 working days to be delivered.

How do I choose my photos?

After your session I will choose the best 20 or so images with some basic editing to the colours and background etc, but no full skin retouching yet. Around a week after your session I will invite you back into the studio to look through your final images and discuss which 5, 10, or 20 you'd like to purchase.

"Cannot recommend Paige enough. The pictures she captured are amazing of our boys and we are over the moon with them! So professional and fab with kids. She handled the baby like a pro and managed to keep him asleep the whole session and he looked so comfortable the entire time. Plus had our photos back within a week!! We definitely be returning for future shoots! Thank you again."

Kim Jensen


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