Tinie Tempah 10
Anne-Marie 1
Little Mix 11
Raye 1
Ella Eyre 5
Raye 7
The Vamps 2
Ella Eyre 1
Ella Eyre 4
Anne-Marie 2
The Vamps 3
Raye 2
The Vamps 7
Tinie Tempah 17
Tinie Tempah 19
Tinie Tempah 9
Raye 3
Tinie Tempah 4
Ella Eyre 3
Raye 5
Ella Eyre 2
Little Mix 2
The Vamps 1
The Vamps 4
Tinie Tempah 15
Anne-Marie 4
Ella Eyre 6
The Vamps 6
Raye 6
Tinie Tempah 5
The Vamps 9
John Newman 4
New Hope Club
JP Cooper 1
Naughty Boy 3
Little Mix 9

Commercial, Music & Events

While I adore the romance of a wedding and the jubilation of a christening, the energy and atmosphere of commercial music and theatre photographs is unparalleled. I'll always have a strong desire to capture performances as this channel was the way in which I started photographing many years ago. From bar & restaurant launches, to nightlife images, to festivals and concerts, I have a fond place in my heart for such events.

As it stands I have been an official photographer for grassroots music and arts festival, Threshold Festival, for the past few years and is an opportunity I relish each time around. The platform to promote, not only my own art but, the art and skills of talented individuals in the North West (and beyond) fills my heart with pride and is a opportunity I am happy to put my company's name to.

However, I also welcome the chance to document bigger commercial events, such as Fusion Festival, which I was invited to as an official photographer last September, snapping away chart topping artists such as Tinie Tempah, Little Mix, The Vamps, Ella Eyre, Jax Jones, John Newman, Naughty Boy, JP Cooper, Anne-Marie, Raye, and New Hope Club.

For more information, portfolio pieces, or a personalised quote please get in touch!

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